Children’s Sports Day Charity Event

On behalf of the CC Beach Bar I would like to sincerely thank Following people for their kind donations for the Children’s sports day in Khanom District. Thanks to you they now have enough sportswear to participate in field and track event.
It is only with generous gestures from kind-hearted people like you that we have been able to undertake and accomplish various charity events like this.
We once again thank you for your generosity and look forward to your continued support in our future endeavors

Thanking You,
CC Beach Bar 7200 B,
Alex 300 B,
Mike 500 B,
Toon 500 B
Jet Lie 500 B
Arni 1000 B,
Samsen 1000 B,
Eco Sailing 2000 B,
Dane Frith 500 B
, Russell 500 B
Nai Amphur Khanom 500 B
, Manzel 500 B,
Hage Family 2000 B



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